Venera Technologies’ CapMate cloud-based caption verification and correction service is now able to detect missing captions in captions and subtitle files.

Detecting segments of a media file that are missing their corresponding caption has long been considered a manual, error-prone and time-consuming effort. CapMate’s missing caption feature now automates and simplifies this otherwise resource-intensive operation, saving users hours of manual work.


CapMate can now detect missing captions in captions and subtitle files

“We are pleased to add this much-requested feature to a long list of other customer-favourite features in CapMate. Our goal has always been to make CapMate the go-to service for anyone who needs to verify and correct their caption and subtitle files. With the addition of missing caption detection, we are taking yet one more step in that direction,” said Fereidoon Khosravi, SVP of business development at Venera Technologies.

Along with the missing caption feature, CapMate also provides caption-audio sync, burnt-in text overlap, missing translations, caption timing issues, profanity and hard to detect format compliance, among other features.

CapMate’s automatic analysis capabilities which employs machine learning techniques, expedites verification of any caption file. Its interactive interface is said to provide users with easy-to-use capabilities to automatically or manually correct issues, as well as the ability to generate a new clean caption file.