Renmore Partners, which was granted a licence to offer an alternative, scalable set-top box technology solution for the Nigerian digital switchover project, has selected Verimatrix’s conditional access technology to offer Nigerians cost-effective at-home entertainment.


Asaf Ashkenazi, chief operating officer, Verimatrix

The digital switchover project aims to shift viewers from analogue to digital technology. To date, the digital signal has been switched on in seven of the country’s states. Verimatrix technology has been successfully deployed and tested within set-top boxes in numerous Nigerian cities, including the country’s capitol, Abuja, as well as Lagos and Jos.

“Verimatrix’s unmatched expertise in scalability and security serves as a powerful enabler for regions looking to make their long-awaited digital switchovers truly possible for the masses,” said Asaf Ashkenazi, chief operating officer at Verimatrix. “We’re pleased to work with leading technology integrators such as Renmore Partners to impact the lives of so many.”

“The content protection technology that Verimatrix provides is a key component that makes this switchover from analogue to digital TV possible,” said Zahid Mirza, group chairman of Renmore Partners. “With deployments and tests that now successfully play all free TV channels in Nigeria, this switchover project greatly benefits from Verimatrix’s ability to make set-top boxes and their integrated security technologies affordably priced. This success has potentially created more opportunities for Renmore Partners to work with Verimatrix in other regions of Africa and elsewhere.”