Many businesses underestimate the threat posed by heat damage, though it is one of the main causes of service disruptions.

Being sure that the hardware at data centres works at a suitable temperature and humidity is important to prevent condensation phenomena on one side and static build up on the other.


Prevent service disruption from heat damage

HVAC monitoring can be improved with the help of the HT-SNMP probe from ANT. The probe comprises two separate temperature sensors and one humidity sensor and includes a temperature measure with activable alarm. It supports SNMP and HTTP protocol for remote management and is powered directly from Ethernet connection.

Also from ANT at IBC is the ENP-SNMP tool designed to monitor energy consumption, to estimate the quality of it and provide these measurements remotely by SNMP or REST/API.

Reliable monitoring of FM signals can be achieved with the company’s new probe called BiRDS. This provides accurate measurement of RF level, audio levels as well as the RDS decoding.

The audio level monitoring makes the BiRDS probe suitable for use as silence probe and the RDS parameters monitoring allows to easily verify if the right programme is on air.

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