TF1, the biggest private broadcaster in France, is using Vizrt XR (Extended Reality) Playbook for post-match analysis during its UEFA Euro 2020 coverage.

Using Vizrt XR Playbook, TF1 audiences are taken on a journey into fully rendered virtual stadiums and immersed into game action where analysts control the replay, viewpoint and other cutting-edge graphics features with a set of easy-to-use tools, further enhancing audience understanding of the action.


Vizrt XR Playbook is used during post-match analysis

Daniel Nergard, president of Vizrt, said: “To compete in the modern media marketplace, you must engage your audience with spectacular visuals. By any measurement, Vizrt XR liberates TF1’s analysts and commentators to unleash their boundless creativity and insight into the game with speed, efficiency and high quality. Their immersive and compelling extended reality shows delight fans and viewers alike signalling a new era of storytelling for sports.”

Vizrt XR provides a range of capabilities allowing broadcasters to extend the visualisation of their stories to tell them better. Video or virtual studio walls and floors as well as the pitch and stands within sports arenas or any other outdoor environment become blank canvasses allowing for interaction between presenters and graphics objects.

Vizrt XR is one of five software solution suites made available exclusively through Flexible Access, allowing customers to adapt and scale their production software up and down to meet changing production needs.