This project aims to design and evaluate an early stage proof of concept for 5G remote production capabilities, particularly multi-camera synchronisation utilising 5G private networks (5G in a box solutions).


BBC (Project Lead, Ian Wagdin), Al Jazeera Media Networks, BT, ITV, SVT, TV2, ViacomCBS, Yle, Olympic Broadcasting Services


Mobile Viewpoint, Huawei, Aviwest

Project Lead: Ian Wagdin

Project Lead: Ian Wagdin

Challenges & Innovation

Supported by nine leading broadcast Champions, this key 5G project will identify requirements for, and design and evaluate a 5G production system based on ‘non-public standalone’ networks. The key objective is to deploy core and radio access on a small scale and connect audio and video sources to this device. 

Small 5G Non-Public Networks have not yet been built and tested for any purpose but media production makes the ideal use case, this project will tune the network to support higher uplink than available on public networks. This is the first stage for full 5G remote production which will follow in future projects. 

Options will include, but not be limited to:   

  • A single wireless camera on location connected to the NPN with backhaul to the broadcast centre 

  • Multiple wireless cameras on a ‘hub and spoke’ architecture, where production is local to the location, but content is back hauled to the broadcast centre. 

  • Multiple wireless cameras that are multiplexed and returned to the broadcast centre for production (up to 4 HD sources).   

  • The project will also explore the performance of these architectures and identify recommended workflows based on the type of deployment. 

Outputs will be:  

  • A testbed consisting of multi-vendor solutions built on open standards (subject to current restrictions to physical testing).  

  • Identify and share recommended workflows, use cases and best industry practices. 

  • A suite of test methodologies for NPN architectures to include maximum performance (local and backhaul) and latency metrics. 

  • Information and data for future commercial and regulatory negotiations and the identification of potential requirements for vendor technologies or standards 

Key Deadlines

Participant application: 5 June 2020

Proof of concept development: April-August 2020

IBC Showcase: September 2020

Why 5G Remote Production?

Remote production is one of the most exciting and developed of 5G use cases. As a much more efficient method of producing live sports, news, entertainment and events coverage than traditional outside broadcasts, it will allow broadcasters to deploy fewer camera operators to events (although many more cameras) and staff to work on multiple events a day, being located in a centralised studio.

This project is designed for broadcasters to get an inside track on some of the multi-camera remote production capabilities, challenges and possibilities to come during the very early phases of 5G deployment, and with further key standards completion to come.   

Download the BBC R&D (Project Lead) presentation here.   


Below are a number of downloadable 5G case study presentations from broadcasting Champions supporting the Remote Production Accelerator project, these reflect learnings from 5G trials and PoCs undertaken across a number of countries and across news, sport and music events