This IBC Accelerator Challenge aims to rethink and redesign the current approach to CG animation production pipelines to create and deliver a transformative workflow that will ultimately make creating animated content extremely time efficient, democratised, artist-friendly, nimble, collaborative. 


Unity Technologies, Unreal Engine/Epic Games, Sky


Blue Zoo Animation Studio, MasterpieceVR, AEON Production, InstaLOD, Tvori, National Film Board of Canada

Challenge & Innovation

The innovation of this proof of concept (PoC) is projected to save an animator several hours of time for short-form, or days for long-form per production, through a consolidated approach developing assets from the outlet to a variety of different platforms.  

The PoC will demonstrate ground-breaking innovation via a real-time working CG production model that empowers creators and storytellers to reach audiences on platforms at the rate those platforms emerge, and drive the paradigm shift from factory line to parallel process.  

This Challenge will also demonstrate practical applications of spatial design tools in the production environment that increase iteration for experienced artists and make the creative process more accessible for all skill levels.  

Key PoC deliverables: 

  • Architect pipelines that provide an alternative approach to established workflows from pre-production to final delivery that directly addresses the pain points of siloed and linear methods. 

  • Develop a unified asset creation process that scales across output formats and clearly demonstrates the creative advantage and commercial potential of this alternate methodology. 

  • Democratise production tools to enable meaningful feedback and fluid collaboration across functions. 

  • Apply methodology and pipeline principles to deliverables of each format eg. concept art, visual design, sound design, storyboards, animatics, animation, lighting, surfacing, rendering, interaction – and provide measurable benefits. 

  • Leverage XR and real-time tech to facilitate and enhance the iterative nature of the creative process and pursue a more robust solution to established production models. 

  • Devise best practices to validate multiple CG delivery formats during ideation and prototyping phase. 

Key Deadlines

Participant application deadline: 5 June 2020

Proof of concept development: June - August 2020

IBC Showcase: September 2020

Why CG animation in real-time and immersive workflows?

Virtual production for live-action content and feature films is a growth area with considerable investment and attention. By comparison, the animation sector is under-served, despite increasing demand for quality animation across a myriad of content platforms and formats. 

There’s a real need for a methodology to create in a smarter way. An accessible and a nimble workflow model with convergent tools for generating richer story worlds and delivering across a wide variety of content formats. 

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