Warner Music & MTV International team up to transpose the existing, traditional talent show and new music discovery formats into a cutting-edge platform that will feature real-time, multi-user digital and virtual broadcasts, UGC interactivity and an ethical-AI backend to protect fans and showcase more music talent than ever before. 


MTV International/ViacomCBS (Project Lead, Bianca Acca), Warner Music


Joi Polloi, Never.no, Grabyo

Challenge & Innovation

The innovation within this proof of concept (PoC) is to create the first-ever global music talent show via a new digital platform using cutting-edge UCG audition-functionality, new mechanics for fan interactivity, live ‘pop-up’ broadcasts online (of a linear nature - one-to-many and many-to-many), and backed with cutting-edge AI to ensure and promote ethical moderation, ID/data verification, diversity/inclusion and cyber-security right from the first-phase of PoC development and build. 

This ‘music show format’ will feature fans auditioning with videos via a ground breaking mechanic (potentially AR, or virtual avatars), with the most popular clips going through to a weekly, ‘flash-mob’-style LIVE performance broadcasted as a live TX. 

For maximum engagement, audition clips and live performances take place each week via tune-in CTAs for off-peak engagement and consistency, with surprise appearances from A-List artists to endorse and advise specific acts. 

The end platform will showcase the acts who make the finals pitted off against each other in a live, championship-style playoff for the Finals. The winning act would also be reviewed by Warner Music for any potential record deal option and reviewed by MTV International for exposure and support. 

Key Deadlines

Participant application deadline: 12 June 2020

Proof of concept development: April - August 2020

IBC Showcase: September 2020

Why a virtual, interactive talent show?

The music industry, together with the live broadcast sector has a track record of innovation in new talent discovery that goes back decades. The speed of evolution in today’s new digital platforms and formats offers dramatic new potential to push interactivity and excitement to the max, meeting the ever-growing demands of unsigned musicians and artists who want to showcase their talent to the world, compete in an open digital forum, and enjoy the talents of others.  

Exploiting the potential of new technologies, particularly AI and AR in a live, and dynamic platform, this Challenge aims to develop the next generation digital talent showcase for aspiring and ambitious artists - Championed by a world-leading music label (Warner Music) and the renown pioneer in music broadcasting (Viacom/MTV).    

For further information: accelerators@ibc.org