aSTORM is a Cloud-Native augmented STORage Manager system for multi-tier, multi-site, media location abstraction.The enabler of NOCODE iPaaS for media, aSTORM enables organizations to simplify media operations in a Hybrid cloud or full cloud transition, reduce the TCO and maximize ROI. Providing a shift in the storage paradigm from the traditional HSM approach, this solution delivers a true object-based storage environment, which includes virtualized file locations allowing multi-site operation, cloud workflows and hybrid scenarios offering an “augmented perception” of their physical location. It seamlessly orchestrates content over several sites. It’s also multi-tier agnostic, which means it transparently and seamlessly manages online storage, cloud and deep archive using complex algorithms based on customer tailored business rules. It enhances operational efficiency and collaboration capabilities across multiple disciplines and locations masking the complexity of infrastructure management and presenting system users with a streamlined interface to manage their assets.

aSTORM allows multiple operational and business scenarios without requiring architectural overhauls and thereby optimizing operational costs. It reduces infrastructure costs by allowing an “ingest once” scenario thereby limiting file duplication, storage space and file transfers, and provides the power to quickly adapt operational business models to take advantage of technology changes and/or more advantageous commercial terms with a different supplier without vendor lock-in.