aSTORM: The NOCODE iPaaS for MEDIA Enabler

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aSTORM is a Cloud-Native augmented STORage Manager system for multi-tier, multi-site, media location abstraction.The enabler of NOCODE iPaaS for media, aSTORM enables organizations to simplify media operations in a Hybrid cloud or full cloud transition, reduce the TCO and maximize ROI. Providing a shift in the storage paradigm from the ...

In this video,Tedial highlights the features and benefits of its cloud native, cloud agnostic, cost-effective augmented STORage Manager system, aSTORM. The enabler of NOCODE iPaaS for media, aSTORM usesa microservices based architecture. It abstracts the applications of the physical location of the media, and the access method. A future-proof, highly scalable, and easily deployable solution aSTORM transparently manages different storage tiers across departments and locations, which can be deployed in multiple sites, anywhere, on prems or in the cloud allowing quick adaptations when technology changes or when related storage costs are reduced.


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