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Technical Paper: New Media

It was once the case that media technologists and media content creators rarely met. Today their combined innovative talents are sparking many experimental forms of media, as well as new tools with which to produce them.

One such form is personalisable media, where users can shape their own version of a programme from the single, rich, multiple-representational format which is broadcast. An example of this is object-based media which may allow choices of multiple screens or alternative narratives. 

Other novel concepts employ AI to generate metadata or to create productions which would be impossibly time-consuming for mere humans. 

An example is the ability to select and edit audio-visual content submitted by viewers. Think, for example, of the community applause items broadcast during the COVID pandemic; selected videos from the public could be included in professional broadcasts within minutes of the event, despite the huge volumes received.

Think also, of an entirely automated news summary; always up-to-the-minute and fronted by a virtual presenter. In this session we bring together work from Europe and South America to celebrate the latest in innovative media concepts and to assess their potential impacts on workflow. 

Presenters: Dr. Lauren Ward, Research Associate, University of York 

Giulio Bottari, R&D Engineer, Globo 

Dr. Sandy Claes, Senior Researcher, VRT 

Host: Dr. Nick Lodge, Lodgical Media 

Technical Papers 

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