Actus Digital’s mandatory compliance systems have extended to become part of a much larger media intelligence platform, providing cross-organisational benefits to the operations, marketing and research, and new media departments of broadcasters and media companies. 

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Actus Compliance: Monitoring in action 

The platform can now take care of compliance, quality-of-service assurance, technical monitoring, content repurposing, rating and competitive analysis tools, with advanced AI options.  

“We have enhanced the Actus Digital intelligent media platform to include more functionality, additional AI options and extended automation related to compliance, clips creation and export capabilities for social media, with intelligent content monitoring and analysis,” said Raphael Renous, CTO at Actus Digital.  

“Having all of these capabilities on one integrated platform gives customers the freedom to choose what makes the most sense for their business today and easily add features in the future.” At IBC 2020, Actus hopes to “showcase how media companies can use the new platform to improve their daily workflow and reduce costs”. 

The company also plans to demonstrate the expansive functionalities of its media monitoring platform, which offers an intelligent approach to monitoring and support for multiple deployment environments, including on-premises, virtualisation, the cloud and hybrid combinations.  

New products and improvements include: a new TS analysis system for in-depth evaluation of transport streams, with the ability to detect ETR 101 290 priority 1, 2, 3 errors; track MPEG sections and tables (i.e., PAT, PMT, NIT, SDT); and display TS statistics in real time. The system provides an overall view of TS health for enterprise applications via a web-based user interface, global access and multiviewer display of critical errors. 

There will also be enhanced SCTE support, with the ability to compare multichannel SCTE messages and display live or archived SCTE messages, smart filtering for better monitoring, SCTE alerts and the power to extract SCTE-35 and SCTE-104 for presentation on interactive graphical timelines. 

Its systems will also receive AI enhancements, such as speech to text with natural search engine and more options in automatic ads and content detection.