Following its showcase at NAB 2019, Amagi has announced the launch of the Cloudport UHD playout platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling broadcasters to playout UHD content directly from AWS cloud.

Based on feedback and recommendations received during NAB, Amagi has enhanced the product and it is now being launched for commercial deployment.

Amagi has accomplished building UHD playout with broadcast-grade dynamic graphics, Dolby surround and captioning support on AWS EC2 compute instances without the use of GPU processors.

“Given the dynamism in the UHD market in terms of evolving HDR standards and varying degrees of platform readiness across the globe, this solution provides future-proofing of UHD implementations for content owners and TV networks,” said Baskar Subramanian, co-founder, Amagi.

“Cloudport UHD eliminates the need for broadcasters to invest in capital infrastructure that can become redundant with the changes in the marketplace.”

“This is a key milestone, not just for Amagi, but also for the cloud broadcast industry. We are now able to offer customers true cloud playout to suit varied requirements – SD/HD/UHD,” said Deepakjit Singh, CEO, Amagi.

“The new UHD capability on Cloudport provides a compelling option for linear TV networks to transition from traditional playout and delivery to a secure, scalable and reliable cloud broadcast infrastructure. This is yet another step for us in strengthening our existing relationship and collaboration with AWS.”

Amagi is exhibiting at IBC2019 on Stand 2.B19.