VSN’s media asset management system, VSNExplorer MAM, was the system of choice for the creation of automated workflows that allow AMC Networks International Southern Europe to manage hundreds of content images for their OTT clients.


VSN: VSNExplorer MAM was chosen by AMC

VSNExplorer MAM handles the import, conversion, processing and export of images to the different clients, for which it is necessary to manage the metadata associated with each image hosted in AMC Networks International Southern Europe’s system. This includes programme codes, clients, titles, episode numbers in the case of series, cast and broadcast licence dates. Process monitoring is carried out from another VSNExplorer component, Workflows viewer.

Through its integration with the local system, and despite the fact that VSN’s MAM is optimised for cataloguing, previewing, editing, retrieving and archiving video content workflows, it was possible to adapt these types of workflows to the image formats required by AMC.

“By integrating the BMS, VSN’s solution is automatically managing the artwork catalogue and executing automated processes, such as selecting the images associated with the VoD delivery, burning images (if necessary), executing format adaptations and publishing the images according to predefined naming conventions. The implemented solution clearly increased our overall operational efficiency concerning the VoD delivery process,” said José Nabais, CTO, AMC Networks International Southern Europe.