New from Audinate is the availability of a free, downloadable trial for the company’s Dante Domain Manager, which secures Dante networks and provides organisational tools that allow Dante devices to be split into functionally independent groups (domains) that correspond to rooms, spaces or buildings for easier routing and security.

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Terms: The 30-day trial works with 50 devices across 10 domains

Dante Domain Manager secures Dante networks by enforcing user authentication and roles to ensure that only trusted people can make changes to the system. It coordinates clocking across the entire network, enabling the routing of audio and video across IP subnet boundaries for large systems that span multiple locations.

The free downloadable 30-day trial works with up to 50 Dante-enabled devices (running Dante firmware 4.0 or higher) and allows for the creation of up to 10 independent Dante domains. It is delivered as a complete ISO image for immediate use on virtual or hardware-based PCs. According to Audinate, this makes it easy to get started with existing computers.