Remote Access Portal is an optional functionality from AETA Audio Systems, first announced at IBC2019, that now allows technicians to take control of all the parameters of a broadcaster’s codecs remotely. 

AETA-1   RemoteAccess

Sounds remote: The portal allows full visibility to a broadcaster’s total pool of AETA codecs

It can do this in real time via the internet, including via 4G mobile networks. The service allows any device, wherever it may be, to be controlled by a technician from any location (from the master control room, from home, and so on). According to AETA, control features are the same as if a technician is sitting next to the device.

The Remote Access Portal provides a list of all units together with all critical information that needs to be at hand. A simple double-click on an item in that list will allow full control of the unit through the remote access service. AETA Remote Access is available on the full range of AETA codecs running over IP, including ScoopTeam, MultiScoop, ScoopFone 4G, ScoopFone IP, and more.