Aveco and Spectra Logic have jointly announced a fully integrated media asset management and archiving solution, which has been fully tested, certified and put on air.


Pavel Potuzak: Aveco CEO

Based on the Aveco ASTRA MAM and Spectra BlackPearl converged storage system, users can manage and protect their content from ingest to production to archive and distribution. Lifecycle management, automated tiering and cloud connectivity enable end users to manage costs and take advantage of cloud service where it makes sense.

“With Spectra BlackPearl seamlessly integrating storage management workflows, including archive, into the Aveco ASTRA MAM solution, users can now directly search and recall assets regardless of which storage medium they reside on, whether on-premise or in the cloud within the MAM,” said Hossein ZiaShakeri, Spectra Logic senior vice president of business development and strategic alliances. “This is the optimum solution for media organisations looking for affordable and scalable storage based on open standards on tape, object storage disk or cloud, to ensure their content will outlive its storage medium.”

At its core, the ASTRA MAM provides a common database and a set of tools for all ASTRA applications. Having all tools tightly integrated around a common media asset management system is said to enable lower costs, better interoperability and simpler workflows. BlackPearl provides a modern, simple portal to a multi-tier storage architecture and fully integrates into the Aveco ASTRA MAM solution allowing for direct search and recall of assets.

“Our primary goal with ASTRA MAM is to provide a centralised platform for all content used in production and master control, and to give operators a simple yet powerful way to accomplish everyday tasks,” said Pavel Potuzak, CEO of Aveco. “Spectra BlackPearl integration builds on this goal by adding in powerful and scalable archiving for a complete ingest-to-archive to delivery.”