Cinegy GmbH’s Istanbul office Cinegy AŞ has added system integrator Aviteng to its business partners.


Cinegy AŞ: Partners with Aviteng

Yücel Bakkal from Aviteng said about the partnership: “Globally, digital storage prices have dropped significantly in the last few years. At the same time, while the processing power of IT hardware increased, it remained more affordable. As a result, while most systems require dedicated storage or dedicated server hardware, COTS solutions have enabled us to build our systems with more capacity, greater flexibility and much lower cost using standard IT equipment based on Intel CPUs with Windows or Linux operating systems. Considering the small number of staff trained in broadcast IT in our country, Cinegy’s open structure IT equipment and software allows IT teams to adapt quickly and with ease. It also speeds up the deployment process in terms of operation. We are very hopeful that we will execute a number of digital archive projects with Cinegy systems in the coming days.”

Cinegy’s customer portfolio in Turkey consists of many of the largest local media groups, training institutions and corporate customers. With its business partners, Cinegy AŞ can respond to its customers’ ever-changing and developing workflow and transformation needs faster and with a better quality of service.

Murat Küçüksaraç from Cinegy AŞ said: “Despite the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, as Cinegy AŞ we continue to offer our services to our customers without interruption, as well as developing our projects and business partner structure. We are delighted to strengthen our existing business partner structure by working with Aviteng going forwards.”