Connectr 2021, the latest version of axle ai’s NoCode software for automating media workflows, is now available.

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Axle ai: The new version of connectr adds features such as multi-button selection menus and progress bars

The software is available for MacOS and Linux (the Linux version can also be run as a virtual machine on Windows) and is shipping immediately. Pricing starts at $3895 for a MacOS version supporting up to four concurrent workflows, with one day of professional services for workflow design included. The new version of connectr adds greater capability and simplified operation, such as multi-button selection menus and progress bars.

Dave Seedall, VP of technology at Revolt TV, was able to replace a complex media management and workflow solution from a European vendor originally costing more than $200,000 with a connectr solution costing less than $10,000. During the transition, the Covid-19 pandemic forced a significant shift to offsite, virtual operations for Revolt. That shift was facilitated by the automated workflows powered by connectr, as well as axle ai’s browser-based media management application.

“We’ve been really impressed with how robust and flexible connectr is and are already looking forward to taking further advantage of its open systems benefits and almost limitless connectivity,” Seedall added. Other prominent examples of connectr users include Spanish telecom integrator Telefonica and Italian broadcaster MediaSet.

“We want to give users the ability to set up their own powerful media workflows,” said Sam Bogoch, axle ai CEO. “Our industry has lacked a truly open, cross-platform workflow tool priced affordably enough to achieve broad adoption.”

Until now, media producers have had to either hire programmers to write custom code, buy more expensive and proprietary solutions tied to a specific application or, very often, do without. “With connectr, axle ai is putting a powerful workflow solution into the market at an affordable price and opening it up to resellers and integrators as well as end users. It is also offered to OEM partners who may license and relabel under their own brands,” Bogoch said.

The connectr 2021 software includes a graphical front end, connectr Designer, which makes constructing a workflow a simple drag-and-drop process. Software and hardware vendors, integrators and other technically proficient customers are able to create their own modules to plug into connectr, becoming part of a large and rapidly growing workflow ecosystem. Modules can either be shared for free on open source code repositories, or compiled and sold commercially by vendors. This cross-vendor ecosystem supports a wide range of interfaces, from REST APIs to Java code and command lines. It also supports notifications via either email or SMS messaging.