Global information technology solutions provider Black Box has introduced six new KVX Series KVM extender kits, each providing control over a remote server or computer from a local workstation with one or two screens. 



Blackbox: Six new KVX Series KVM extender kits have been introduced

In addition to extending KVM signals over distances up to 328ft (100 metres) over CatX cable or 18.6 miles (30km) over fibre with an SFP connector, the plug-and-play KVX extender kits also allow users to connect a display at a remote location for local monitoring.

“The new KVX Series extender kits are ideal for cost-conscious users who want a plug-and-play KVM solution for workspaces with one or two screens,” said John Hickey, senior director of KVM and R&D at Black Box. “Providing convenient, reliable access to, and control over, remote and back-racked servers or PCs, these extender kits reduce noise and clutter in the work environment while simplifying management and monitoring of remote systems. Setup is fast and straightforward: users just connect the transmitter unit to the computer and the receiver unit to the screens and peripherals, then link both units with a network cable.”

The new KVX extender kits boast pricing and functionality that address the requirements of design, graphics and video production, as well as software development. Allowing users to control systems that are remote or physically inaccessible due to location, environment or security measures, they serve as a convenient solution for office connectivity, server management, remote monitoring, process control or medical and industrial device control.

Black Box will release three copper and three fibre KVX Series extender kits to provide support for DVI, 4K HDMI and 4K DisplayPort connections. DVI KVX models support 1920x1200 at 60Hz video and legacy VGA interfaces via an adapter. DisplayPort KVX models support up to 3840x2160 at 30Hz UHD video. The company will also introduce a new dual-head KVM extender that includes DisplayPort/HDMI mixed inputs to support dual HDMI displays at 3840x2160 Hz UHD video. EDID emulation supports different resolutions and eliminates display compatibility issues.

While the copper kits (KVXLC-200, KVXLCH-200, KVXLCHDP-200) enable remote computer access up to 330ft (100 metres), the fibre kits (KVXLCF-200, KVXLCHF-200, KVXLCHDPF-100) facilitate remote computer access up to 18.6 miles (30km) using SFP modules. Along with extension of USB 2.0, analogue stereo audio (speakers and microphones) and serial signals, all six extender kits feature two additional video ports on the transmitter to enable monitoring of the computer in a data centre or equipment room. PC connection cables are included in each KVX Series extender kit.