The Cobalt Digital BBG-1300-FR is a small footprint frame optimised for flight packs or installations where real estate is at a premium.

Cobalt-2 CDI BBG-1300_small

Small package: The 1/3 rack-width 1RU frame can house one or two openGear cards

The BBG-1300-FR is a 1/3 rack-width 1RU openGear-compatible enclosure frame capable of housing one or two openGear cards that functions as a basic standalone desktop unit. Up to three units can be stacked together as a 1RU group for rack mounting for maximum density, when a full-size 2RU 20-slot openGear frame is not feasible or required.

Just like a full frame, the BBG-1300-FR’s built-in network interface allows DashBoard control/monitoring of any openGear capable card. Looping reference on the BBG-1300-FR unit itself provides card reference support without using reference connections that consume card rear module connector count.

The BBG-1300-FR can house the majority of Cobalt’s card series with a total available power of 60W; sufficient for the company’s latest-generation high-power cards, including the 9992-ENC-HEVC-4K encoder, 9992-DEC-HEVC-4K decoder, and the 9904-UDX-4K up, down, cross-converter. The BBG-1300 has its own built-in fan for cooling the card area and power supplies. A dual power supply provides redundancy, and a front control panel makes status monitoring and network setup connectivity simple with an LCD display screen.