Helping to add structure to unstructured data is one of the most important things storage management can offer, according to Alex Timbs, Dell Technologies’ senior business development manager for M&E.

“Data is valuable. Getting real-time insights into your data and being able to make decisions based on that is extremely valuable,” he said. This is why he believes ClarityNow, newly integrated in OneFS (the Isilon file system), is important, as it does real-time analytics across unstructured data on any type of storage from any vendor. It can target performance issues in a pipeline and helps you forecast space and capacity requirements and deliver real-time costings. “It can also be used for manually or automatically moving data across all this storage.”

Card sharp: Dell Technologies’ resident magician amuses Alex Timbs

Card sharp: Dell Technologies’ resident magician amuses Alex Timbs

This storage can include the new Dell EMC Isilon H5600, which can have up to 800TB in 4RU. It was designed for automation in the car industry, dealing with lots of data I/O, which makes it perfect for VOD “or any highly dense streaming, particularly where space and power is a concern,” said Timbs.

Also new is Media Function Virtualisation, which aids efficiency and reduces time to deploy media functions or services. It is built on a core of VMware services, and allows management of resources across an entire infrastructure, including the public cloud. “It’s about taking the right amount of resource just in time,” he said. “It’s a lot of different things to different people.”

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