DirectOut has greatly expanded the capabilities of its Prodigy Series with the release of new firmware for both the Prodigy.MC modular audio converter and the Prodigy.MP multifunction audio processor.

DirectOut-1 do-084-prodigy-fw-update

DirectOut: The vendor has used lockdown time to make products even better for remote situations

Originally planned solely for Prodigy.MP, the update considerably expands the potential application scenarios of Prodigy.MC by adding FastSRC and EARS (Enhanced Automatic Redundancy Switching). FastSRC is a bidirectional, low-latency asynchronous sample-rate converter for MADI and network I/Os that allows two digital interfaces of a device to work in different clock domains. According to DirectOut, it combines good sound quality with very low latency of less than 0.15ms, and is invaluable in live sound applications.

Claudio Becker-Foss, CEO/CTO of DirectOut, said: “The lockdown had a huge impact on all of us. Considering the circumstances, we are extremely happy that we could use this time to continue our work on the Prodigy Series in order to provide customers with this exciting update.

According to Becker-Foss, DirectOut has also added several new functions. Some of them, like the Levelmeter speed configuration or the LTC-to-MTC converter, were implemented as an immediate response to the increased remote production requirements that rose from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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