The Prodigy.MP multifunction audio processor ensures maximum flexibility in both hardware and software, combining the modular design of the Prodigy series with powerful FPGA-based DSP and SRC capabilities, according to DirectOut.

The 2U-high compact mainframe can simultaneously host up to two network audio modules supporting different network formats, allowing seamless interoperability between them.

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This allows, for example, direct channel-by-channel connections between a Dante and a Ravenna network. The two networks, along with all other supported digital audio sources, can exchange audio even when running at different clock rates thanks to the SRC functionality of the device.

 The two MADI slots of the Prodigy.MP are configurable with BNC, SC and SFP, and the two network audio slots can host SoundGrid, Dante and Ravenna modules. The newly designed Ravenna module complies with AES67, ST 2110-30/31, and supports all ST 2022-7 classes.

 Four 8-channel converter slots complete the audio I/Os with analogue line-level, microphone and AES3 module options. A 5in touchscreen allows monitoring and control of the device.

The Prodigy series can also be managed via globcon, a unified remote-control platform for all DirectOut devices, or via an integrated web server. A JSON-API allows third-party remote control.

DirectOut is exhibiting at IBC2019 on Stand 8.A25