The DPP has followed a rush of pandemic time reports and web events with a major research project entitled Design for Tomorrow.

The DPP-6-GJ-Mark Harrison DPP

Harrison: ‘Every company will seek to redesign itself for success’

The project features six study areas designed to help media companies emerge from Covid-19 with enhanced resilience, and renewed financial assurance.

In laying out a process of bespoke research for six special reports and matching webcasts that will be publish from the end of August, DPP MD Mark Harrison said: “No media company will emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic intending to be the same as it was before. Every company will seek to redesign itself for success in an uncertain future.

“This work will provide the latest thinking managements need to help them do it,” he added.

The six focus subjects are key design principles, content creation, content preparation, libraries and archives, distribution, and commercial relationships.

The first involves defining common principles required to inform the structure of all media enterprises post pandemic. Creation will look at efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness around areas like remote production and virtual work styles.

Preparation will look at key supply chain processes and best practices, while distribution concerns getting content to consumers, who now regard media as a utility.

Libraries and archives will hit on the usable and accessible aspects of inventory, and the commercial element will look at how customers and suppliers can best support each other into the future, something the IABM has also been working hard on.

The financial support behind ‘Design for Tomorrow’ is topped by lead sponsor SDVI, and other supporters include BT, Masstech, Object Matrix, SDI Media, Sony, Wildmoka, and Zixi.

Access to the reports and events will be for DPP members via the DPP website.