EcoDigital has launched the eighth generation of its Diva Software Suite, which is designed to optimise digital content storage management and simplify complex environments.

EcoDigital-1 DIVA_CORE_press

Powerful engine: V8 reflects both user feedback and current market requirements

A new user experience platform called Diva Command allows Diva V8 to provide new reporting functions plus analytical and operational capabilities to help users manage complex rich media ecosystems throughout the content lifecycle. In addition, Diva V8 brings significant new features such as file system support for disk-based objects and expanded support for cloud providers, with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud joining AWS as supported cloud environments.

The software is agnostic to data storage technologies and claimed to be easily scalable from single-server disk-only architectures to larger systems that combine different storage tiers and technologies. The combination of different storage technologies and content migration processes enables users to balance response time, performance, and cost, and to scale the environment as their needs demand, according to EcoDigital.

EcoDigital is a privately held company based in Atlanta, Georgia, that purchased the Digital Media Solutions business and Diva content storage management product line from Oracle in 2019.

David Gonce, chief revenue officer of EcoDigital, said, “We have deployed a global team of dedicated account executives to work closely with our clients and channel partners, and we will be laser-focused on the unique needs of our clients and partners as we continue to build enduring relationships.”

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