EditShare and Adobe have announced they are working together to enable remote production and group editing workflows. 


Editshare: EditShare: Flow and EFS serve up enhanced collaborative editing for Adobe users

EditShare’s new Flow panel for Adobe Premiere Pro is designed to simplify content management, proxy and remote editing, and review and approval workflows for editors.

For open storage, EditShare’s EFS enhances collaborative editing with full support for project-locking for Productions in Premiere Pro. With the Productions feature set, Premiere Pro can now handle projects with “an extraordinary number of assets” while maintaining peak performance. Sharing and organising those assets is also simplified.

“Building collaborative digital video workflows for our customers continues to be one of the fundamental drivers of our Flow and EFS partner developments,” commented Sunil Mudholkar, VP product management, EditShare. “Our solutions are optimised from the highest levels of the technology stack down to the storage file system, so creatives can work with Adobe tools in any location, with the very best user experience. The Flow Panel for Premiere Pro and EFS support for Productions enables users to delve deep into on-premise, cloud or deep archive storage to find that all important content, and collaborate with colleagues anywhere in the world, all without ever leaving the Adobe Premiere Pro UI.”

“Editors and creative teams want to focus on telling great stories without thinking about workflow issues,” added Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for Adobe video. “The collaboration between Adobe and EditShare helps our users – from individual creatives to large groups – have a great experience whether they are on premise, in a hybrid environment or in the cloud.”

Designed to simplify storytelling, Flow manages the entire media technology stack with tools to orchestrate assets and workflows across tiered on-premise, nearline and cloud storage environments. A secure platform for remote, collaborative productions, Flow offers an advanced proxy-based workflow with support for more than 500 codecs. Its enhanced Premiere Pro panel connects individual editors and production teams directly to the Flow media asset management and its productivity-focused toolset including extensive asset tracking, collaborative proxy editing workflow, and review and approval workflows across cities, countries and continents.

EFS scalable storage enables media organisations to build extensive collaborative workflows on premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid installations, shielding creative personnel from the underlying technical complexity while equipping administrators and technicians with a comprehensive set of storage management tools. For Adobe editors, EFS is fast and flexible collaborative storage that supports Productions in Premiere Pro for project sharing.

“Creatives don’t have to feel overwhelmed with learning an entire media management platform: the lightweight Flow panel fits directly within Premiere Pro and delivers exceptional workflow efficiency while EFS supports the underlying transactions that keep media safe and projects organised,” said Mudholkar.