The new Elements Satellite is designed to allow users to more easily access editing workstations remotely, with better responsiveness, frame rate and security.


Elements: Working from home offers a faster commute with Elements Satellite

“Due to the immense demand for high-bandwidth and low-latency, video post-production is often too challenging for traditional remote access tools,” said André Kamps, Elements CEO. “With Elements Satellite we’re introducing the first remote access solution purpose-built for the media entertainment industry. Now, editing can be done with superb quality from anywhere in the world – without any restrictions.”

Elements Satellite merges technology originally developed to revolutionise remote gaming, by Parsec, with low-latency demanding media workflows.

The application is designed to help remote editors work from anywhere while maintaining the same look and feel as if they are sitting in front of the editing workstation, even when working with UHD or 4K material at up to 60p, instead of the lag and stutter often associated with remote working.

Kamps claimed that Elements Satellite can turn remote editing into “a fluid and responsive experience with impeccable video quality and in-sync audio.”

The lightweight Elements Client app allows users to manage and initiate encrypted connections with a single click on both Windows and macOS, while retaining full control of all access permissions centrally, including two-factor authentication and full end-to-end encryption for better security.

Besides making demanding workflows possible, Elements Satellite can also be used for less performance-critical tasks like exporting, ingesting and workstation management.

Admins can manage all remote sessions efficiently using the Elements WebGUI without the need for costly hardware, third-party software or troublesome configuration.

Satellite will be available on a per-seat subscription basis as an add-on to an Elements system. Customers that don’t have an Elements system can get a virtual or cloud-hosted Gateway subscription to use the connection broker functionality required for Satellite.

The system requires a minimum of 10Mbps bandwidth per client connected, with 30Mbps or more recommended, while a latency of 40ms or better is preferred. Users need to have a Core 2 Duo CPU or better (Core i5 or better recommended), plus at least an Intel GMA 950, or Nvidia 6000 series or AMD Radeon X1000 series GPU or better.

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