Enco Systems has introduced new features and improvements in its enCaption automated captioning and subtitling system. 

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Enco: In addition to lip sync grade transcription and advanced punctuation, the software detects context around pauses and trigger words  

It enables content producers and AV professionals to quickly, easily and cost-effectively add closed or open captions to live and pre-recorded content.

A new video delay feature enables lip-sync grade caption synchronisation when automatically transcribing live feeds, while advanced punctuation capabilities enhance the accuracy and readability of transcriptions. Available in English, German, Spanish and French, the expanded functionality now supports punctuation characters including full stops, commas, exclamation marks and question marks.

Mark Stewart, marketing manager at Enco Systems, said: “The software intelligently detects the context surrounding pauses and trigger words to insert appropriate punctuation and capitalization on the fly, helping viewers better understand not only what words are being spoken, but also how they are being said.”

Other enCaption advances include an enhanced scheduling interface, a Web API for third-party integration, and the ability to detect changes between multiple speakers even within a single mixed feed. The newest updates also further boost the accuracy and speed of enCaption’s machine learning powered speech-to-text engine, improving the precision of the resulting captions while minimising the delay between spoken words and the corresponding on-screen text.