ControlBridge from Black Box is a complete multisystem and room control system for control rooms and building automation. 

5 Black_Box-2    ControlBridge-KVM-Workflow

In Charge: ControlBridge allows a single touch panel to manage rooms remotely

Using a single touch panel to control KVM, AV, and other devices, users can switch between KVM sources, control room temperature, operate video wall controllers, turn lights on and off remotely, or launch a preset room configuration with the touch of a button to prepare a room for a presentation.

The system features integrated AV and environmental control, so an operator can easily lower a screen, dim lights, or share a presentation via the room projector. Control can be local or remote, and the system works with serial, IR, digital I/O and relay control. It’s also scalable and can control processors for small, mid-size, and large applications via an unlimited number of input devices such as touchscreens, push buttons, and iOS, Android, or Windows mobile devices. It can also connect to and control remote devices with IP extenders. ControlBridge also supports building automation programs, such as DALI, KNX, enocean, and ModBus.