Amdocs has signed a multi-year agreement with ICE Norway for the deployment of its ActixOne and TechInsights software solutions to support ICE’s network expansion and digital transformation initiatives.


Amdocs: ActixOne is supporting ICE’s digital transformation

ICE has a range of mobile service offerings and is in the midst of a significant network buildout programme for its existing and newly acquired 5G spectrum. Amdocs systems will help automate activities for planning, building, launching, monitoring and optimising radio access network sites. Additionally, Amdocs’ analytics-driven platform will aid in predicting network issues and prioritising remediation actions based on key business parameters.

“By continuing to disrupt and improve the Norwegian mobile market successfully, and offer expanded coverage and high-performance services, we can ensure our customers great value for money,” said Jan-Erik Hvidsten, CTIO, ICE Norway. “With Amdocs’ advanced technology and deep experience in network automation and analytics, we plan to aggressively grow our network and market share with more efficiency and intelligence than our competitors.”

Service providers across the world continue to have fragmented network deployment and operations processes, often supported by ad-hoc tools, scripts and manual steps. Yet, in order to address market demands, operators are executing a range of digitalisation strategies to implement new software systems and methodologies that significantly automate and streamline the network rollout and optimisation activities across multiple departments and teams.

“Amdocs is changing the speed and economics of RAN deployment with our intelligent automation and data-driven network insights capabilities,” said Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of media, network and technology at Amdocs. “We are pleased to be partnering with ICE Norway to accelerate their growth through network deployment and optimisation solutions that drive towards a zero-touch approach, provide complete end-to-end visibility and control, and accelerate automation and integration for the new 5G and cloud networks era.”