The Lynx Technik yellobrik model OTR 1A41 8K fibre transmission system is designed for transporting real-time, uncompressed 8K content (up to 48G) over long distances with zero signal degradation or loss. 

Lynx-1    OTX_1A41-ORX_1A41_promo

Lynx Technik: Can be used standalone or mounted in yellobrik rack trays to build a larger transmission system

The standalone, self-contained kit includes all the parts needed to send 8K uncompressed video over a single fibre link and consists of four independent 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI channels, with each channel individually reclocked and supporting resolutions up to 2160p/60Hz.  

The kits include the 8K optical transmitter, 8K optical receiver and power supply, and can also be combined with existing yellobrik bi-directional transceivers to add Ethernet signals or RS232/RS422/RS485 signals to the 8K fibre link. 

This new yellobrik supports uncompressed video at full 7680x4320 50/59.94/60Hz resolutions with zero delay. Full audio support makes the set a fully featured solution, according to the company. The modules transparently transport all embedded audio, metadata and ancillary data which is present in each of the four independent SDI streams. This system can be used as standalone or mounted onto 19in yellobrik rack trays to build a larger 8K transmission system.