Lawo has announced a major VSM update: VSM 2020-2. This release, available for download now from, is said to contain many enhancements and improvements for a variety of VSM applications.


Lawo: VSM 2020-2 offers CPC processing and NMOS IS-05 support

Of particular interest is cross-point-centric operation, which increases operational confidence when controlling IP infrastructures. Furthermore, VSM 2020-2 now features NMOS IS-05 support.

With Release 2020-2, vsmStudio comes with a fundamental change in the internal processing and visualisation of source-to-destination connections: Cross Point Centric (CPC) processing.

CPC is an adapted method of processing and visualisation of crosspoints within vsmStudio, reflecting the drastically changing technical prerequisites in IP infrastructure setups. It aims to provide immediate confirmation of crosspoint triggering actions to VSM users operating IP environments where controlled devices may not respond in time.

CPC applies the mechanisms which handle the asynchronous status of multiple controlled systems and provides a summarised crosspoint status to the user as an immediate, transparent response to their actions on hardware and software panels. The CPC mechanisms include various methods to recover flows across a network, should they encounter issues during initialisation or runtime.

In addition, vsmGadgetserver now includes a driver which provides generic NMOS IS-05 support (connection management) for VSM. With this new functionality, VSM can control NMOS-compatible devices for the purpose of connection management using a unified, industry-wide specification — without the need to build and maintain custom device drivers. VSM controls these devices right alongside other IP edge nodes and legacy gear which are managed through proprietary APIs, further adding to VSM’s compatibility with third-party devices. This new functionality is already at work in several recent VSM project installations, according to Lawo.