Broadcast management technology company MEDIAGENIX has announced that it has signed the United Nations Global Compact intiative.


MEDIAGENIX: Planning dedicated initiatives in multiple areas connected to corporate social responsibility

This international commitment to 10 principles – which covers fundamental areas such as human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption – encourages organisations and companies worldwide to implement sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to issue reports on the status of implementation.

A company spokesperson said: “For MEDIAGENIX corporate social responsibility [CSR] means that we manage the direct and indirect impact of our business in a responsible way. We aim to increase our positive impact on society, supporting the transition towards a sustainable economy with a focus on human rights, labour, anti-corruption and environment.”

The company is committed to filing a ‘Communication on Progress’ early next year outlining its efforts, and is also undertaking dedicated initiatives in each of the affected areas. These include a human rights-related framework to be provided to suppliers, reflecting MEDIAGENIX’s belief that CSR and the principles of the UN Global Compact can add strength to suppliers, while the company will also focus on labour globally to make sure the needs of all its employees are met on different levels.

A framework on anti-corruption will continue to be provided to suppliers and stakeholders, while there are major plans to minimise any adverse impact on the environment to help in the fight against climate change. For example, MEDIAGENIX is currently rethinking its waste management and travel policies, as well as making sure that its employees work in safe, healthy environments.