Primestream has introduced Xchange Media Cloud — a completely cloud-based version of its Xchange media asset management platform.


Primestream: Xchange Media Cloud helps users adapt quickly to remote workflows

This cloud based version can be up and running in a few hours for remote workers who need to store, access, produce and manage critical media assets from anywhere in the world. It is designed to allow users to adapt quickly to remote workflows as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company has also introduced Creative Bridge, an Xchange add-on that allows all members of the content creation team to access any creative tool, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Apple Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve or Avid Pro Tools.

“These are challenging days for enterprise video departments, as more and more employees are mandated to work from home and find themselves disconnected from their usual media workflows. With Xchange Media Cloud, we’re bringing the robust functionality of our enterprise-grade Xchange MAM right to their remote workstations,” said Claudio Lisman, Primestream’s president and CEO. “By giving these remote collaborators easy access to content, projects and the creative tools they’re used to, Xchange Media Cloud removes roadblocks and ensures continuity in the video production supply chain. And it’s fast and easy to get started — we can get teams up and running quickly.”

Targeted to video, sound, graphics, creative and visual effects teams in broadcast news, enterprise video and other media operations, Xchange Media Cloud enables complete cloud production workflows from start to finish. With system setup guided and supported by Primestream, media teams are able to focus on their work and stay productive.

The cloud-based system can be integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud software applications including Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop, with Xchange Media Cloud enabling teams to browse, search, edit and organise content from any location.

When combined with the Primestream Workflow Server and ingest modules in the cloud, Xchange Media Cloud provides the ability to record and monitor incoming live cloud streams including HLS, NDI or RTSP. With real-time transcoding of the incoming feed to any house format such as XDCAM, AVC, H.264, ProRes and HEVC, this capability allows broadcasters and production teams to work with cloud streams in the same way they currently work with SDI or baseband sources.

For existing Primestream customers, Xchange Media Cloud is an easy extension to their current Xchange deployment, while for new customers it can solve an immediate and pressing need to deploy remote video production workflows. However, Xchange Media Cloud is not a temporary solution that will become obsolete in three months; it can form the core of a more comprehensive, long-term strategy for a media operation to migrate to cloud-based workflows.

Lisman added: “We’re more committed to our customers than ever as coronavirus continues to redefine ‘business as usual’ and safety becomes a prime concern for team members, companies and communities. With Xchange Media Cloud, we’re ready to help ensure that content creators can continue to tell the great stories that entertain and inform the world.”

Also new is Creative Bridge.

“Creative teams today want to be more connected and have greater visibility and better unification of the overall workflow, as well as the reliability and security essential to modern media production,” said Namdev Lisman, executive VP of Primestream. “Creative Bridge addresses all of these requirements, enabling accelerated workflows, boosting collaborative capabilities, and improving visibility into media. Establishing convenient and intuitive connections between users and creative tools, this new solution brings greater efficiency and productivity to content creation in any organisation.”

With the addition of Creative Bridge, producers, editors, graphic designers, visual effects artists and other creatives gain access to multiple creative tools through a single easy-to-use application. Because all projects and assets within the Xchange platform are connected, users can access those tools seamlessly with Creative Bridge. Team members can also register new assets into the MAM/PAM with rich metadata and organisational folder structures. Personnel across an organisation gain greater visibility into media and can quickly search, import and register managed media.