ScheduALL, part of Net Insight, has released the SaaS solution, ScheduALL Evolution, for resource management and crewing.

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Graham: ‘Bringing the next generation cloud-based SaaS solution to our customers’

It will, the company says, enable facilities managers and scheduling supervisors to manage projects “anytime, anywhere” with a mobile solution and a new, modern interface.

ScheduALL Evolution is designed to help its broadcast and production users avoid cost overruns, missed deadlines, and high-priced, poor-quality services. It does this, claims the company, by providing enterprise resource optimisation software that drives customer success, delivering efficiency, security and service in leading-edge, cloud-based solutions.

ScheduALL Evolution takes advantage of cloud hosting, mobile access and advanced business analytics, and features drag and drop functionality for crewing, event management and scheduling - connecting teams and assets to jobs. According to the company, it also reduces or eliminates the need for a costly IT infrastructure, as well as costs for hardware, maintenance and upgrades.

Users can also integrate the cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) into both the ScheduALL v5 server version and the new ScheduALL Evolution platform to increase the depth of available analytics. This means that along with the new SaaS platform, users of ScheduALL v5 can also take advantage of advanced BI with their current systems. ScheduALL Services are available to assist both with Business Intelligence with migration planning for ScheduALL Evolution.

Ken Graham, VP resource optimisation at Net Insight, said: “ScheduALL provides enterprise resource management software and service solutions to more than 300 customers in 50 countries. Our business processes and methods have become the industry standard for workflow and resource management. With the launch of ScheduALL Evolution, we bring the next generation cloud-based SaaS solution to our customers.”