An all-new distance monitoring device, the DisTag, is playing an essential role in Riedel Communications’ gradual resumption of on-site operations as employees of the Managed Technology Division return to work at the company’s headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany.

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Safe: Riedel’s DisTag technology ensures safety as employees return to work

Each employee is equipped with a DisTag, which is worn around the neck or carried in a pocket. DisTag immediately alerts its wearer via haptic, visual, and acoustic signals whenever the mandatory minimum distance to other people is about to be breached.

Lutz Rathmann, director, Managed Technology Division of Riedel Communications, said: “As our projects begin to ramp up once more, we’ve reached a point at which the division gets more and more busy with staff on site. It’s an ideal opportunity for our own employees to prove the concept for DisTag. Tools like DisTag are making it possible for companies around the world to start getting their employees back to work while ensuring their social distancing and safety.”

Featuring a compact and minimalist design (measuring 93mm by 41mm and weighing only 61g), DisTag is designed for media and event production, industrial operations, retailers, medical facilities, public and cultural institutions, and schools and universities. The device offers three signal levels: a vibration alarm (haptic), a three-stage LED signal (visual) and a three-stage sound signal (acoustic).

The proximity limits of the warning signals can be individually defined and adjusted in accordance with local regulations for social distance. In addition, individual tags can be divided into compatible groups using the Friendly Function. Within these special groups, no alarms are triggered even if users come into close contact with each other.