Scality’s new Ring8 is a software-defined system that handles large-scale, on-premises storage of unstructured data.

It is the latest update of its Ring flagship object storage software platform.

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Ring8 is designed for organisations facing data storage and orchestration challenges at petabyte-scale and beyond, across multiple clouds, and core-and-edge environments.

It includes a new eXtended Data Management (XDM) tool, integrating cloud data orchestration into the Ring, as well as enhancements to Ring’s stringent security, multi-tenancy and cloud-native application support designed for enterprises and service providers looking to ultimately ensure business continuity, boost productivity and gain competitive advantage.

Using XDM, it integrates data management across multiple Rings (those edge/core configurations) and adds public and private cloud data management and governance capabilities for hybrid- and multi-cloud infrastructures. It also provides a global metadata namespace and search across Ring and public clouds, as well as data mobility across Ring and clouds with lifecycle tiering and 1-M replication.

Ring8 is designed “for the complex data orchestration that has to take place” as organisations move from data silos to private and public clouds, said Jérôme Lecat, Scality’s founder and CEO. “The new features in Ring8 respond to evolving customer needs – the kind that affect their success.”

Scality is exhibiting at IBC2019 on Stand 7.C35