farmerswife has announced an expansion of its Cirkus task management and collaboration tool to include scheduling capabilities.


farmerswife: Cirkus now offers people and resource scheduling via a simple UI

The younger sibling of the eponymously named farmerswife solution, Cirkus already delivered feature-rich, project management and collaboration features. But now the latest release adds Gantt-style project management, with people and resource scheduling available via a clean, simple interface.

This allows users to quickly book people, equipment and resources as required, and easily visualise bookings and projects in a timeline view. It is also possible to move a collaboration online with booking comment threads, attached files and booking history.

Also included in the latest release of Cirkus is a new search and export feature, enabling all the work taking place in Cirkus to be queried and exported to csv file. The user can create queries to pinpoint the exact data that is needed. Together with task, project and booking custom fields, this can be a powerful data set to report on what your team is working on.

Integration with farmerswife has also been strengthened in the latest update. For example, a seamless flow from budgeting and financial management in farmerswife, to task management and collaboration in Cirkus for technicians and creatives, provides an end-to-end solution.

As well as the opportunity to use Cirkus’ own public cloud platform, the company reports that private cloud and on-premise deployments have gained traction during 2020 for those who require dedicated resources or have bespoke needs.

The latest updates are available on App Store for native macOS and iOS apps, as well as at the Cirkus website.

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