Sencore has launched an ultra-portable ATSC 3.0 handheld signal level meter, the SLM 1530. It is said by the company to be the first of its kind and the perfect solution for broadcast professionals testing ATSC 3.0 equipment and installations.


Sencore: The ATSC 3.0-compatible SLM 1530 also includes support for legacy ATSC 1.0 and QAM-B cable signals

Beyond ATSC 3.0, the meter also includes full support for legacy ATSC 1.0 and QAM-B cable signals, making it an all-around tool for testing, installation and maintenance.

The lightweight meter’s features include in-depth RF measurements such as signal level, MER, BER, S/N and constellation diagrams along with a powerful spectrum analyser function available for single channel all the way to full spectrum views. The built-in pass/fail metrics make it easy, Sencore says, to quickly identify issues in any system.

In addition to RF measurements, the SLM 1530 includes the ability to fully decode and display in full motion and colour the video and audio components of received RF signals, providing at-a-glance assurance that the RF system is working. The included Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity allows remote control, log download and simple firmware updates to handle the constantly evolving ATSC 3.0 settings.