SymplyWorkspace, which is claimed to be the industry’s first StorNext 6-powered production storage, has been upgraded to include built-in axle ai 2020 media asset management, which should improve collaboration and enable more efficient media production.


Symply: The desk-side SymplyWorkspace now includes axle ai 2020 media asset management

StorNext 6 allows high-speed collaboration over Thunderbolt 3 and means SymplyWorkspace can support up to eight simultaneous combined Mac or Windows clients, with enough bandwidth for multiple streams of 4K ProRes. The system also includes advanced RAID protection for content safety.

The new built-in AI-based MAM, together with Thunderbolt connectivity, offers users complete shared production without needing a big investment in hardware infrastructure. The compact desk-side design is well suited to smaller post-production houses, in-house creative, houses of worship, sports teams, ad agencies and smaller workgroups. Symply maintains it offers “hassle-free high-speed sharing” at an affordable price.

The small footprint and elimination of rack requirements also make it suitable for on-set use. Fast and easy setup is made possible using the included SymplyWorkspace Assistant software management tool.

“With the addition of axle ai 2020, the SymplyWorkspace is even more powerful and can be a real asset to smaller post, in-house creatives and other content creators looking for fast, easy and inexpensive shared storage. Thunderbolt connectivity, easy setup and now the capabilities of axle ai 2020 make the SymplyWorkspace an invaluable solution for today’s smaller workgroups,” stated Nick Warburton, director, Global Distribution, which owns Symply.

“We are very excited to be working with Symply and see the combination of SymplyWorkspace with embedded axle ai 2020 as the perfect solution for the growing number of smaller post users,” added Sam Bogoch, CEO, axlevideo. “The ability to run in a Linux virtual machine on the powerful Xeon processor of the SymplyWorkspace is incredible. We get the speed and power we need to manage and transcode large numbers of assets on the fly. The virtual machine design and solid-state disk architecture in such a low-priced SAN is truly game changing.”

Complete SymplyWorkspace systems, including five seats of axle ai 2020, start at $15,495 for 48TB of RAID-protected storage and four simultaneous Mac users. Four additional users (up to eight in total) can be added at any time. Other configurations, with up to 366TB supporting multiple 4K streams and any combination of up to eight Mac and/or Windows users are available.

For Covid-safe working environments, Thunderbolt connections can use optical cables allowing users to be dispersed within a 50m range.