TAG has introduced a newly designed System Configurator app for multiviewers that is said to simplify the configuration-to-purchase process by taking users from imagination to visualisation to realisation in four easy steps. 

Tag VS-2

Tag: The new addition enhances TAG’s Zer0 Friction philosophy

The latest version provides the tools to build a prototype tailored to unique specifications, and then pre-determines the hardware/cloud resources necessary to best support the system, whether deployed in the cloud or on-premises. This adds an element of service to TAG’s Zer0 Friction philosophy of providing customers with maximum ease and flexibility.

“We are delighted to add another dimension to TAG’s Zer0 Friction philosophy with the launch of our latest System Configurator,” explained Kevin Joyce, TAG’s Zer0 Friction officer. “Our objective is always to make it as trouble-free as possible for our customers to work with us, especially as they migrate to operations in the cloud. We want to make sure they are informed, prepared, know what to expect, what they need and how they can maximise their multiviewer solution. The System Configurator will eliminate layers of complexity and obstacles and allow customers to visualise and plan their installation, budget and architecture properly before they spend any money at all. It’s the very definition of a Zer0 Friction service.”

The upgraded System Configurator functions as a DIY tool by permitting new and existing customers access to the app on TAG’s website where they can use a straightforward interface to enter their specific monitoring requirements, such as number of channels, format, compressed or uncompressed, number of Mosaic Outputs (Heads) and site of operation – in the cloud or on-prem physical servers.

Based on the data, the System Configurator delivers a setup and diagram as well as an estimate of the resources required for an actual system deployment, thus allowing customers to visualise their solution and prepare properly. Parameters can be adjusted to accommodate different scenarios and budget constraints making it easier to plan without the guesswork of requirements and projected costs.

Working in concert with TAG’s Tech Ops team, System Configurator determines which cloud instances or physical servers will best accommodate each specific system. In essence, customers can evaluate the system’s viability prior to purchase and make informed and educated decisions.

Joyce added: “This is a huge benefit for our customers. System Configurator serves as an advisor, providing pivotal information about what is needed to optimise their specific system. For example, if the system comprises 40 SD channels and 30 HD channels, this tool will provide the required resources information to enable the customer to estimate what it will cost to run in the cloud, or what it will cost to purchase servers and run it on-premises before they commit to a purchase. Customers can plan better, budget properly and know what they can expect. It’s a DIY TAG solution deployment, however, it is extremely important to emphasise that our Tech Ops team will be involved, reviewing and confirming all the information.”