Telestream has introduced Lightspeed Live Capture C2, a dual-channel ingest system that it claims “provides unbeatable value”, combining lowest cost access to capture plus Vantage media processing. 


Telestream: Lightspeed Live Capture C2 offers fully-featured dual-channel ingest

Telestream has also upgraded its Prism Waveform Monitor. Besides its aggressive pricing, Lightspeed Live Capture C2 is positioned as particularly suitable for enterprise-scale workflows, such as news and sports, that rely on remote production and editing capabilities.

Although it is the little brother of the Lightspeed Live family, it embodies all of the media processing power and workflow automation sophistication that the company has introduced in recent years. With this development, the workflows for ingest and media processing that are used for large-scale events are now viable for smaller, less complex instances.

The new dual-channel ingest system captures two concurrent HD inputs up to 1080p60 while at the same time generating a low-res proxy of the content. Supporting all major HD codecs, the server includes powerful production tools such as simultaneous edit-while-capture, transcode-while-capture and deliver-while-capture.

Telestream’s Lightspeed Live Capture is claimed to be the only capture portfolio that supports all the common formats – HDR, VTR digitising, remote production, IP input and delivery to Avid systems – without hardware changes and without compromising capacity. It has also integrated its new server with its flagship software-based Vantage Media Processing Platform. The Vantage for Capture option adds high-end transcoding that runs directly on the Lightspeed Live Capture C2 server.

The Capture C2 box offers all the software features and functions of larger-scale systems in an economical two-channel hardware configuration. These facilities include Live Edit sub-clipping of live and growing capture files using an HLS proxy embedded in a user-friendly web-based UI. Live Play enables live confidence monitoring for QC and playback from customised playlists, while Live Schedule automatically schedules events for capture using a simple web-based UI.

“Lightspeed Live Capture C2 is a game-changer product that flies in face of convention since it empowers users with all the power and creative potential that Vantage offers on a two-channel capture server,” stated Scott Matics, Telestream’s senior director of product management. “We believe in enabling broadcast and media professionals with technology that makes a difference where it matters – Lightspeed Live Capture C2 makes all the high-end use cases available to everyone.”

Telestream has also announced major new functionality and software-based feature sets for its Prism Waveform Monitor, giving it expanded SDI and IP features, including remote work support.

Prism can now be optioned for all the traditional SDI Waveform Monitoring tools required in operations, compliance, quality control and post production workflows up to 8K resolution. Simultaneously, it offers a comprehensive suite of IP-based Waveform Monitoring tools up to 4K resolution on 25G Ethernet. It includes enhanced High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) reports and tools to increase efficiency in both SDI and IP environments.

The Prism user interface and API are remotely accessible, enabling remote work and social distancing production environments. Prism enables multi-user flexibility, where the operators do not need to be at the same physical location as the device. The Prism user interface can be accessed remotely for testing, so projects can be kept on track by remote socially distanced staff.

Touchscreen and dual-screen options are also supported, enabling users to adapt to their preferred working environment. Through software options, the system can easily be featured for production, engineering, quality control, IP measurement, IP generator, 4K, 8K and more. All functionality is available on the same user interface whether working remotely or using a touchscreen.