Thomas Grønning Knudsen has been appointed head of integration and security at Elements. He joins from M2 Film in Denmark, where he has implemented Elements technology into the company’s commercial production processes.


Knudsen: ‘My primary goal is to help many others create the workflows of their dreams’

Knudsen has been in film production for almost 25 years; he joined M2 Film – Denmark’s leading provider of commercials – in 2005. Initially he was an editor and motion graphic designer, before developing skills in compositing and VFX for M2’s key clients such as Lego. As the production company grew there was a requirement to manage the IT underpinning post-production and Knudsen added this to his responsibilities, becoming head of IT and security in 2012.

At Elements, Knudsen will further strengthen IT security within the company’s ecosystem. He will also be responsible for the third-party storage qualification programme, which allows users to choose the right qualified storage structure for their requirements while running the Elements tools and features on top.

“I first met Elements at IBC in Amsterdam in 2015,” Knudsen recalled. “I immediately admired and appreciated the brand, the team and the product. It was a pleasure to build effective workflows using Elements tools at M2 and many of my suggestions as a user found their way into the Elements offering.

“As head of integration and security at Elements, my primary goal is to help many others create the workflows of their dreams, fitting even more innovative, secure tools and revolutionary integrations with other third-party vendors,” he added. “With my focus on IT security, we can give our clients creative freedom while protecting intellectual property and personal data. I am so looking forward to this.”

André Kamps, CEO of Elements, said: “With remote, collaborative production and software tools now the way of post-production, protecting the content at every stage has become a critical consideration. We want to provide the reassurance to our clients that security and seamless interoperability is at the very heart of our solutions.

“We’re very happy to have Knudsen finally joining the Elements family. He built a large Elements environment at M2 Film, so he brings huge practical experience, along with a wealth of ideas to make workflows even more efficient and secure. His hands-on mentality is going to be a great asset.”