Scripting and programme planning is made easier with the Tinkerlist online platform, which is being demonstrated on one corner of the Belgian company’s stand this year.

CEO and founder Erik Hauters and his colleague, business development manager Kurt Victoor, told the IBC Daily that scripting would previously have involved a lot of copying and pasting from the same script – for the production team, camera team and presenters – with problems potentially introduced each time, or the danger of different versions becoming out of sync. “Each time a change is made, it has to be communicated back and forth, and this can be confusing, especially when the changes are last minute,” explained Victoor.

Erik Hauters in front of a Tinkerlist demonstration

Erik Hauters in front of a Tinkerlist demonstration

The cloud-based platform allows users to add the script, media, lower thirds and prompter text, and can even cue the devices at the appropriate times. As soon as the script is open, it can download the images ready to be opened.

“In our system,” he said, “a script and a run-down is the same document, so that everyone can see the view they need; and when any part of it changes – whether it be the script, or a piece of media – all the others can always see what’s happening.”

Because the system can send cues automatically, it can even mean that fewer operators are needed on a show, generating huge savings for programme makers.

Tinkerlist is exhibiting at IBC2019 on Stand 10.F42.