The Matrox VERO ST 2110 signal generator and diagnostic appliance for SMPTE ST 2110-networked environments is now shipping. 


Matrox: VERO ensures ST 2110 devices will work seamlessly together

An all-in-one appliance, VERO combines a fully-adjustable pattern generator and signal diagnostics integrating EBU LIST into a single tool, allowing broadcasters, system integrators and manufacturers of ST 2110 devices and environments to validate ST 2110 equipment for compliance before deployment.

A SMPTE ST 2110-networked environment must deliver all of the benefits of an IP infrastructure – with the predictability of SDI – for it to be useful. This is achievable when the infrastructure is well-managed and edge devices respect specifications. Matrox VERO ensures that any new device will act as a ‘good network citizen’ and work seamlessly with other ST 2110 devices – and maintain broadcast operations – when connected to an on-air production environment. Moreover, when an issue inevitably arises, the Matrox VERO can help diagnose the source of the problem.

Matrox VERO’s key features and benefits include an ST 2110 reference sender, which offers an adjustable ST 2110 reference sender allowing users to test receiver compliance and resilience in ideal to worst-case scenarios; PCAP recording that captures a replica of network traffic – including UHD video flows – in a PCAP file for ST 2110 diagnosis; and EBU LIST integration. Other highlights include a Live IP Software Toolkit (EBU LIST) diagnostic tool for user convenience and access and two independent output channels, each capable of generating one video, up to four audio and one ancillary data flows. Each of the two channels can also be dedicated to independent video resolutions and frame rates – up to UHD at 60fps – which allows ST 2110 equipment manufacturers to verify multiple resolutions simultaneously, including support of ST 2022-7. Finally, the intuitive web-based interface works with any web browser, enabling users to operate diagnostic tools from anywhere on the network using any PC, tablet, or mobile device.

“Testing is key to interoperability, and Matrox VERO plays an essential role in ensuring any new ST 2110 device introduced to ST 2110 infrastructures accurately meets SMPTE standards and industry norms,” said Francesco Scartozzi, VP of sales and business development, Broadcast and Media Group at Matrox Video. “A test environment replicating real-world conditions, backed by a full-featured signal generator and diagnostic tool, empowers users with knowing the functional boundaries and limitations of their technology or production environment. This knowledge is critical as broadcasters continue to evaluate an ever-growing number of ST 2110 devices for their facilities.”