New features in Vela’s Encompass and Luna Smart Loggers have driven extensive uptake of the compliance, monitoring, capturing, logging, and multiviewer products in the company’s home market.

Vela-1 July

Vela: Sources include cloud, OTT, ATSC 3.0, radio, TS over RF/ASI/IP, SDI, and HDMI

Ken Rubin, VP of sales, said: “We’ve had 450 stations deploying systems in the past year.”

He added that the company had also recently added additional EMEA, APAC, and LATAM format and regulation support.

Rubin said the $6,000 Luna system offers an extensive list of features such as a live multiviewer that records 24x7 giving access to years of content with the ability to search by date, closed captions, PSIP program name/description, user annotations, discrepancies, compliance/quality infractions and As-Run/Playlist details for Air-Check and Ad-Verification.

Vela Encompass includes all of the Luna features, plus many additional benefits, including capture of original quality for clipping/repurposing back to air, OTT, or social/digital media, monitoring of competitive channels with graphical ratings next to content and team collaboration, return-feed monitoring and comparison with auto-identification of commercial variances, and more.

New Vela features include the Volicon MediaMover, which makes legacy Volicon media and logs accessible from the Vela GUI. It provides seamless migration from Volicon (and other brands) allowing users to access legacy content in their new Vela interface for continued proof of compliance, advertiser audits, and content research and repurposing. The products also now feature extended compatibility with SMPTE 2110, SMPTE 2022, SCTE-27, ATSC 3.0, Comscore, VM, cloud, and hybrid compatibility.