Velocix has launched a new cloud-native video recording management service, Cloud VRM.


Velocix: Cloud VRM is the latest addition to the company’s fully managed SaaS offering

Cloud VRM features a scalable platform that orchestrates and automates IP-based video recording workflows for cloud DVR and time-shifted video applications. The service delivers a comprehensive, time-shifted viewing experience to consumers on every connected screen, using an architecture that is independent of the middleware and pre-integrated with multiple recording engine solutions.

Jim Brickmeier, chief product & marketing officer at Velocix, said: “We are committed to offering video service providers the most flexible, efficient and cost-effective solutions in the marketplace, which is why we are so excited to announce Cloud VRM. With its cloud-native design, pay-as-you-go economics and fully hosted and managed deployment options, operators can take advantage of our Emmy Award-winning recording technology, while lowering their upfront investment and accelerating their time-to-market.”

Cloud VRM’s newly introduced multi-tenancy features are designed to minimise operators’ scale-out costs by orchestrating recording services across multiple sites and geographies using a common software deployment. This reduces start-up time and operational expenses by eliminating the need for recording management infrastructure on-site.

Cloud VRM supports private-copy, shared-copy and hybrid cloud DVR applications, as well as time-shifted video capabilities, such as programme restart and catchup TV. Advanced recording management features include per-user recording and storage quotas, series recording, cross-device bookmarking, content lifecycle management, rules-driven rights compliance and configurable storage optimisation.