VisualOn has launched VisualOn Remote Lab.

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Jones: “Invaluable for our customers in a number of use cases to ensure consistent quality playback” 

VisualOn has launched VisualOn Remote Lab. The company claims it is the industry’s first ultra-low latency testing and debugging suite that resolves the pain points of managing disparate devices, teams and streams, and ensures a high quality of service standard for global OTT video service providers.

Testing and device qualification are major issues when streaming video, the company notes: it is expensive, time-consuming and requires on-site support from specialists. Geo-blocked streams, shipping equipment and travel for personnel add to the complexity. Unlike labs using virtualisation to attempt to recreate conditions, VisualOn says Remote Lab enables testing within real-world network conditions at more than 30fps to accurately and efficiently troubleshoot issues with a specific device, location, stream, or the combination of all.  

Michael Jones, SVP of business development at VisualOn, said: “We initially developed Remote Lab to help our application engineers provide quicker and more cost-effective support when our customers were launching and monitoring their OTT services across different regions. But with the travel restrictions due to COVID-19 and the rise in streaming video, we have found this solution suite to be invaluable for our customers in a number of use cases to ensure consistent quality playback. This is another great example of how we continue to stay ahead of the innovation curve in streaming media.” 

Remote Lab also features automation tools powered by machine learning to pinpoint the exact moment when an issue occurs, designed to flag potential problems before they happen. It analyses where re‐buffering, frame drops, or other errors occurred and marks those events for analysis and testing. Real-time analytics and reports are available via the Remote Lab Dashboard. 

Remote Lab can be used by the VisualOn customer service team for remote support, or built to support customers’ in-house R&D programs when launching and monitoring their OTT service