Barcelona-based VSN will present new developments and functionalities for its media, traffic and planning management systems and new developments in remote editing for production and news at the upcoming IBC Showcase. 


VSN: Remote editing on the newly extended VSNExplorer

These developments are all focused on easing the daily operations of broadcast and media professionals and improving their productivity in remote work environments and content planning for non-linear channels.

“2020 is certainly proving to be a completely different year for the industry. Therefore, aspects such as 100% web solutions, flexible infrastructures and technologies or recurrent costs have become top priorities for many businesses,” explained Patricia Corral, VSN’s marketing director.

“On this occasion, we will be presenting new features focused on having a positive impact on the users’ productivity. We want them to be able to have the same effectiveness working off site and remotely as in their own company’s facilities. We also want them to gain speed when creating, delivering and distributing their content. We basically want to do more with less dependence on multiple systems or large technological infrastructures,” she said.

The latest version of its media asset management system, VSNExplorer, will allow users to create dashboards from which to operate all the tools and functionalities of the system in a centralised way. Each user can create their own control and operation panels from the top menu of VSNExplorer and easily customise them by combining different widgets that allow them to operate all the system’s tools and functions from the panel without having to open each one of them.

It means “a user can, from the same panel, for example, have a view of certain forms segmented by date, perform a specific advanced search, display a list of assets pending review, distribute said assets or perform a quick edit to a video clip”, explained VSN product manager Toni Vilalta. It should allow users to get through their daily operations more quickly “by allowing them to perform all the actions of VSNExplorer (asset cataloguing, task management, asset search, review and validation, content distribution, etc) from a single work panel”.

The VSNCrea traffic and scheduling system has a new content scheduling module for non-linear channels offering easy integration into any non-linear environment thanks to an open architecture based on webhooks. It allows users to plan the publication or withdrawal of content for one or many non-linear media and to create customised block programming for each channel. It also includes new integrations with video distribution and broadcast services, such as Vimeo or YouTube, which will continue to be expanded in the coming months.

At a business level, VSNCrea can now be contracted as a SaaS service, installed in public, private or VSN-owned cloud services. This offers unlimited access to the system from any location, potential cost savings, a more flexible infrastructure and almost immediate system start-up.

VSN’s Media Stories now supports growing files for remote work environments. This allows users to view a low-res recording and start editing it instantly, as it is being ingested. New controls have also been introduced in the VSNExplorer player to allow more precise and selective video navigation, including options such as zoom, VU meter and new keyboard shortcuts.

“We believe these developments mark a turning point in our news production solution,” said Vilalta. “By combining the new developments for remote editing with systems such as VSN NewsConnect and its multi-studio feature, we are able to provide users with maximum flexibility, allowing them to perform all news production tasks from a single workspace - allowing them to be more efficient and save time. In addition, they can also control and distribute content to multiple studios in different locations, even if the systems used in those studios are different from each other.”