Employee-owned CHEK-TV in Vancouver, Canada, has deployed Wohler’s new iVAM1-1 as its in-rack monitoring solution for a recent master control upgrade.

Wohler-2 Chek TV1

Wohler: The monitoring upgrade allows 5.1 today and can include IP in the future

According to Wohler, a critical component of the facility refit was for the station to migrate to 5.1 audio and provide the means to allow its technicians the ability to both monitor 5.1 and to also create a stereo downmix. The addition of new Harmonic encoders had allowed CHEK-TV to broadcast in 5.1, and the new iVAM1-1 was chosen as the ideal monitoring solution prior to encoding. Wohler says the iVAM1-1 both allows 5.1 monitoring and can offer a downmix, and also has dedicated video displays which allow the operator to switch between audio and video. Optional feature include SMPTE ST 2110 and SMPTE ST 2022 for possible further upgrade.

Kory Andersen, senior engineering technician at CHEK Media Group, said: “The touch screen interface is very user friendly and allows us to quickly select six discrete channels to get a down-mix of our 5.1 audio. Coupled with the ability to switch between audio and video monitoring at the touch of a button and the option of adding additional I/O at a later date as needed, including IP signals, the iVAM1-1 delivers exactly what we needed at an extremely competitive price.”