Wohler has introduced two new plug-in option cards for its iVAM1-1 16-channel audio-video monitor.


Wohler: Two new plug-in option cards are now available for the iVAM1-1

When upgrading the iVAM1-1 to monitor Dante, Ravenna or 2110-30 signals, an AoIP card is now included. Customers specify either Dante or Ravenna and both options are capable of monitoring 2110-30. The card also includes primary and secondary RJ-45 Ethernet ports, enabling hitless (redundant) 2022-7 monitoring. Additionally, a 1GB network SFP cage is included, capable of monitoring AoIP input stream via fibre input (Dante, Ravenna, 2110-30). A TOSLINK (SPDIF) input connector, often used to monitor the output of set top boxes, is included for convenience.

For those requiring additional analogue inputs, the new analogue option card offers a further eight balanced inputs and outputs on DB-25 connectors as well as a TOSLINK (SPDIF) connector.

“These option cards further increase the flexibility of our iVAM1-1 by offering the choice of Dante or Ravenna or 2110-30, in a hitless 2022-7 configuration. This allows our customers to purchase the signal source options they need today with an easy and cost-effective upgrade path for additional signal sources, as and when required,” said Mike Kelly, president, Wohler. “The flexibility for monitoring signals of various types is a core value at Wohler and these newest option cards that extend and expand the iVAM1-1 continue to make Wohler the optimal choice for almost every monitoring application imaginable.